Margaret Greenfields

Margaret Greenfields is a practising Liberal Jew, a socialist  and ‘green’ social policy practitioner/academic and former community lawyer. She has identified as an LGBTQI ally for as long as she can remember. In ‘previous incarnations’ Margaret has been a Lesbian Parenting and Sexual Violence Policy officer for the Legal Charity ‘Rights of Women’ as well as working at the Family Rights Group with families involved in care proceedings. She has also worked as a researcher for the Universities of London, Bath and Manchester. Margaret has at various points in her personal history been very active in co-operative housing schemes and community theatre, left-wing and radical feminist politics, ‘intentional communities’ and has a long history of involvement in collaborative research with ‘marginalised’ communities including Gypsies, Travellers and Roma, refugees and asylum seekers, homeless people and those at the margins of society. She is passionate about the value of arts practice and music – particularly community singing (although has limited free time now to be active in this field); has academic qualifications in/studied theatre and literature, theology; inter-ethnic/faith relations and community development practice.

Margaret has published widely in the fields of social and health inclusion, including producing evaluations and research reports for Government agencies and NGOs. She regularly lectures/ delivers training in collaborative research practice in the UK and Europe/South Africa. She is currently a Research Fellow at IDRA (the Institute of Dispute Resolution, Africa located in the College of Law, UNISA) and Professor of Social Policy and Community Engagement and founder Director of the Institute for Diversity Research at Buckinghamshire New University. From Margaret’s point of view this project involves a ‘coming home’ to working with her own community as well as creating an important (and joyful) opportunity to explore faith, identity and sexual orientation through the prism of arts, social sciences and humanities practices.

    • Location: Buckinghamshire New University
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