EJ Milne

EJ Milne is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University. Her work focuses on issues of social justice, working with communities to research neglected narratives and uses film and other creative methods as a means for dialogue and research.

EJ  was brought up in the Middle East and has always been interested in how our cultures, identities, and beliefs shape us and people’s perceptions of us. EJ  studied Arab and Islamic Studies at University before working as a Religious Studies Teacher. EJ  then decided to study for a Masters and PhD where she undertook video and photography projects to explore how young men construct and perform their masculinity and how local communities and the government respond to and regulate against it.

During the Rituals Reconstructed project EJ will be more involved in looking at documents and articles related to the project so the team can use this to inform our focus groups, discussions with Rabbis and Philosophers and in the conversations with people who are interested in learning from our project. If anyone has any articles, reports or information they want to share with us, you are welcome to send it to us at ritualreconstructed@gmail.com

  • Location: Coventry University