Ritual Reconstructed Student Film Crew

Shawn Briggs: studying TV & Film Production from 2012, Shawn has a diverse skill-set ranging from using an array of cameras, sound kits, lighting, and editing software. He has been involved in the making of several Short Films, many of which he has directed, of both the Fictional Drama and Documentary variety and is looking to apply his skills towards working in the TV & Film Industry.

Kris Stokmanis-Blaus:  filmmaker, mainly specialising in camera operating and editing. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Television and Film Production from University of Portsmouth.

Matt Rakstins:  experienced in sound recording/assisting with multi-track devices, although I’ve recently become competent in using cinematic cameras such as the C300. Knowledgable with Avid and the Adobe package.

Matthieu Light: 2nd Year TV and Film Production (BA) at the University of Portsmouth. London based with an ambition to write and direct both fiction and non-fiction drama

Penny Chalk:  a current PhD student at the University of Portsmouth. Her involvement with Ritual Reconstructed is as a Production Assistant, coordinating the film crew and helping manage on location filming.

Luke Jones: A camera operator and writer currently studying a degree in BA (Hons) Television and Film Production at the University of Portsmouth, working to becoming a professional screenwriter and voice actor.

Oliver Cainey: an aspiring Camera Operator/DoP. He has had experiance working with a wide range of cameras including the Canon 7D, C300 and Arri Alexa.

Mary Cohen: highly motivated, able to problem solve and work under great pressure and eager to gain experience in as many roles as I can. Strengths: artistic and literary, camera operation, Avid Media Composer, interpersonal skills.

Bryony Pearce: experienced in sound recording/assisting with multi-track devices.



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