Ritual Reconstructed Outputs

This project involves two different key elements:

A series of short films will be made which will be used to increase knowledge and share information about LGBTQI Jewish ritual life. These films will involve filming or recording activities throughout the ritual year.

Bricolage participants will be invited to undertake the curation of individual, personally meaningful ritual objects are incorporated into personal ritual which combines LGBTQI and Jewish identity.

Participants will be offered the chance to take part in a final seminar in which they will present their personal story of ritual and the objects collated above.

We conduct also a series of focus groups, and LGBTQI community members are invited to participate in a variety of other interactive events, in an outside Greater London, and produce blogs and reviews.

Our activities will be documented via film, audio and photography. All outputs will be published on our members-only Website.

The project will publish an extensive literature review, and research outcomes will feed into other related future activities, within and outside an academic framework.