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Why Do I Have to Register to See the Digital Materials/Films and Photos, read the Our News or find out more about taking part in RR activities?

Sadly it still isn’t always safe for people to be out as Jewish or LGBTQI. Some people who are taking part in this project may not be out to all of their family, friends or community members. Others may not feel safe knowing that anybody who discovers this website can access their images, hear their words, read Our News postings, find out about forthcoming RR activities (presentations, filming opportunities or focus group venues/dates) or watch film footage where participants talk openly about being LGBTQI and Jewish.

We have promised to protect the identities of people taking part in this project to the very best of our ability (see Participant Information Sheet which details how we will anonymise materials, hide faces, disguise voices or use a number of different ways of protecting the identity of participants if they do not wish to be identified in public).

We want to make sure that anyone who is part of this project feels safe and secure in discussing their identities, religious beliefs and ritual practice. One way of doing that – regardless of whether participants are happy about being publicly known as LGBTQI and Jewish – is to ensure that only people who provide basic information (name, email address and why they are interested in the project) are able to sign up to become a member of this site. Once you’ve signed up as a member and had your membership activated, you can access all of the materials across the RR project site.

Requiring membership (much like Facebook or other social media hosts) means that if anyone who wants to access the RR members’-only section of the website should behave in an inappropriate manner, for example posting a comment which causes offence or making an intimidating statement, we know who they are and how to contact them. We will monitor membership and website activities and take appropriate action as required to protect the dignity and safety of our participants.

Please do take a moment to register here and join us in this exciting project which explores faith and sexualities in the Jewish world.

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