Adonai i thank that

preserved that brings me
to this season

the newness of apples
fresh picked in the moment
before their falls
from my sister’s trees

the windfall fruits; blackberries
elderberries in common grounds
we picked in bliss

honey from my friend’s urban hive

i thank..

that i have remained
alive enough to

reach this season

to delight in the newness of
lime green walls, sharp fuschia pinks
bronze wire butterflies
dark mango wood

space that I have carved

hardy bourganvillias,
olives, jasmine, hyssop,
the headiness of thymes
my garden..

bringing the outside in

each day lived a
that moves me closer
to a moment
of newness

as the year turns

baruch atah adonai

eloheinu melech ha’olam
shekhianu ,v’kimanu, v’higigianu
lazman hazeh
oh adonai

@Tess Joseph