Luke Robertson is a Graduate of University of Portsmouth in Television and Broadcasting. I have been Lead Technician for video editing for the past 2 years where I have contributed to various projects involved with the University, whether it be student work or staff support and research projects, such as RR or Searle’s phd film research My Jewish London. I have been an Avid Certified user for 18 months, with the instructor’s course completed in 2015.

Dave Jordan. I work on the BA Television and Film Production course delivering workshops in the art and craft of cinematography and lighting. Starting out my career as a stills photographer it was a natural progression to migrate into the world of moving images after my degree as a mature student. Over the past few years I have filmed with Searle on several projects with various documentary themes, in London, Paris and Istanbul, shooting films screened at festivals and films made for academic research. I have contributed to the filming of CCi research projects such as My Jewish London, Rainbow Jews and RR.

David Kinnaird. I am a Film and Television tutor in editing (Avid instructor’s course completed 2015), camera, TV Studio (gallery and studio floor), as well as a staff tutor of narrative content in films. As a film maker, I have been the recipient of awards for doc productions, and have worked in the Industry for a few years.

I am a graduate of the BA Moving Image course at the University of Portsmouth, and have subsequently been involved in CCi research projects, including experimental shorts and docs made by Searle and CCi research projects such as My Jewish London and RR.



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