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Ritual Reconstructed End of Project Films

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Celebrating LGBTHM 2016 Sign up and become a member to watch the films of the full 2015 documentary on LGBTQI people of faith:  “Ritual Reconstructed: reconfiguring “places” of spirituality & identity” – directed and produced by Searle Kochberg,  University of…

Spectacular Diversity Showcase

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THE CULMINATION of a year-long research project, Ritual Reconstructed, saw rabbis, artists, film-makers and playwrights participate in an interactive bricolage “happening” of ritual objects, photographs, poetry, drama, storytelling and rabbinic dialogue. Taking place at JW3, the event explored…

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Activities, new blogs and creative work has now been posted!  Please do take a moment to register here and join us in this exciting project which explores faith and sexualities in the Jewish world.

Ritual Reconstructed Showcase Event

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On November 24, 2015, at London’s “JW3”  The Jewish Community Centre – a year long Jewish Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning and Intersex (LGBTQI) research project culminated in a bricolage “showcase” which incorporated ritual objects, photographs, Jewish storytelling,…

ISA Visual Sociology Newsletter. Filming for the Ritual Reconstructed project

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Ritual Reconstructed (RR) is a Jewish LGBTQI community/academic creative project. It involves “factual filming,” focus groups, bricolage workshops, exhibits, and community screenings. My role on the project is that of filmmaker, and my background consists largely of factual…

Liberal rabbis to speak at pioneering LGBTQI event

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Liberal rabbis to speak at pioneering LGBTQI event Liberal Judaism’s rabbis will be speaking at a very special Ritual Reconstructed event at JW3 on Tuesday November 24, which seeks to examine Jewish life through an LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual,…

The Orange on the Seder Plate: ways that the Jewish LGBT community has adapted ritual and ceremony.

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Keshet as part of UK LGBT History Month 2015 By Searle Kochberg In Interaction Ritual Chains (2005), Randall Collins proposes that successful rituals “create symbols of group membership and pump up individuals with emotional energy”. A lot of…

The Ritual Bricolage workshop 29th July 2015

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The Ritual Bricolage workshop is an exploration of how LGBTQI Jews in Britain can reclaim something that has perhaps been denied to us in the very gendered and traditional world of Judaism. Sometimes rituals can be very meaningful if we feel a…

Police investigating alleged anti-Semitism at Pride in London

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Police are investigating allegations of anti-Semitism made by a Jewish group at Pride in London. A group of Jewish participants in the parade complained to police about a number of pro-Palestine activists at the event, which was held…

Ritual Reconstructed Visual Ethnography

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Searle Kochberg talks about visual ethnography, his documentary film making research and his most recent project called ‘Ritual Reconstructed’. Jewish rituals for the LGBT community is the subject matter. Watch the interview here CCI TV Research Matters…