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Ritual Reconstructed Visual Ethnography

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Searle Kochberg talks about visual ethnography, his documentary film making research and his most recent project called ‘Ritual Reconstructed’. Jewish rituals for the LGBT community is the subject matter. Watch the interview here CCI TV Research Matters…

TLV1 Man, Woman & Everything in Between: Story of a Trans Jew.

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The theme of Tel Aviv’s Pride Parade this year is transgender rights. So, what does it feel like to question your own gender identity? To find yourself in-between the masculine and the feminine? Surat-Shaan Knan shares his journey…

Transparent TV Show

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TRANSPARENT (Amazon Prime 2014) When I first heard about the television series “Transparent” through a friend, I was initially a little nonplussed by the title, but since I have learned to trust my friend’s impeccable taste in all…